• UI kit
  • Style guide creation
  • Layout design
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Visual design lead
  • Responsive design
  • User-centered design


Whilst at LexisNexis I was involved in the Global Visual Style project, an effort to standardise the look and feel of all LexisNexis digital products globally. This required to create a new UI kit, icon set, style guidelines and page templates to help designers across 5 regions to implement the new style across a wide range of complex applications. New responsive visual components and page designs efficiency were regularly proved with high fidelity html prototypes and user testing sessions that informed decisions.

My role was that of defining and safeguarding the new visual standards as well as managing and leading the visual design on the redesign and progressive implementation of the global visual style. A key part of my responsibilities also involved regularly meeting the product teams and stakeholders to ensure the designs proposed served well the business and user requirements across all products worldwide.

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