Infinity Mirror


  • Custom C++ powered by OpenFrameworks
  • Webcam
  • Projector


Infinity Mirror is my first project using OpenFrameworks C++ library and the result of the first term’s Creative Coding workshops of the
MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths.
As most of us had very little or no experience using C++, we tackled the project as a group and learned along the way.
Following a brainstorm session in class we came up with a series of concepts. Among them there were the idea of creating a dome that would reflect different time perceptions depending if the user was inside or outside the space, and the idea of creating a real time infinite feedback loop by positioning two infinity mirrors facing each other.

An infinity mirror sequentially extends its reflection into infinity and provides the illusion of depth. This illusion is obtained when two mirrors are facing each other. To recreate this effect digitally we used the moving image captured by a webcam and we redraw it within a feedback loop using OpenFrameworks. Using a couple of projectors, we then ran this code in two separate machines and pointed each webcam into each others projections. This created an endless loop of reflected reflections that produced interesting visual results and presented us with a different experience of time and space.

Download the sketch

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