A Mirror Darkly


  • Processing
  • Web Cam
  • Microphone


A Mirror Darkly is the first sketch for an audiovisual installation that works as an oversized and interactive teleidoscope. This was my end of first term project for the course Programming for Artist while studying an MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths.

Following the principles of an ordinary mirror or “looking glass”, A Mirror Darkly acts as an object whose surface reflects an image. In this case the image is mirrored numerous times giving a new and fascinating vision of the reality or, specifically, ourselves.

Mirrors are commonly used to reflect visible light, but A Mirror Darkly also attempts to reflects other types of wavelengths as for example sound.

In this project I explore the notion of a mirror as the creator of a visual and auditive illusion. The images and sounds perceived by the user differ from objective reality, creating an imaginary or dreamlike space.

I envision the installation to occupy a dark room. Visitors entering this room will face their own multifaceted reflection, which it’ll take over the full length of one of the walls. Visitors will also be faced by the multiplied reflection of their own voice and will be able to interact with the piece.



A Mirror Darkly has been created using Processing. To see it in action please download and install Processing and download and run the sketch. The project requires a web cam installed, a built-in microphone and Java to fully function.

Please press the following keys to interact with the work:


Rotates the videoscope clockwise.


Rotates the videoscope anticlockwise.


Rotates the videoscope faster.


Rotates the videoscope slowly


Draws lines to the screen.


Draws a new row of videoscopes.


Slows the framerate


Returns to normal framerate (60fps).


Clears the screen.

Please note this is only an sketch. Some of the features haven’t been completely developed yet, i.e. the sound mirror effect. So far I have managed to capture sound, but my intention is to be able to sample fragments and reproduce them overlapping.

Download the sketch

A Mirror Darkly

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